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Top Tips for Every Horse Racing Punter

Have you been an avid punter for a while, but gradually becoming sick and tired of losing over and over? Well fret no more, here we give you some top tips that can turn even newbies into winners. With some of these tips, you might not only turn your fortune around but maybe even turn punting into a living - hey, we can all dream!


Anyone who likes a good ol’ bet, be it in sports or racing, will tell you that one of the most important factors is that of discipline. Don’t just bet on something for the sake of betting, it’s important to only put your money down on something you really want and know. There’s no point in throwing your money at horses if you’ve no betting strategy or knowledge when it comes to turning a profit - get to training first!

Do Your Homework!

Trust the facts and don’t be tempted to go off track when hearing a whisper here and there. When it comes to punting, of course, you should partly trust your guts but sticking to the cold hard facts will do you good. For the majority of the time, facts will always beat a bit of hearsay in the long run.

Get Online

There are many online casinos out there offering horse betting options, meaning you can easily wager on your favourite horses at the touch of a button. Betting in online casinos can have many benefits not only including convenience, but also promotions for new members with free bets sprinkled in every now and then. Just be sure to check out all the promotion pages before getting involved.


Also, before betting be sure to…

        Check who the top jockeys and trainers are for the tracks you are focusing on.

        The current condition of the track and how the track plays.

        Any recent news on the status of the horses’ health.

Take a Long-term Approach

One of the keys to successful punting is to take a long term view of results and returns while totally eliminating any emotion along the way. There’s no use in getting yourself down after a period of losses, these negative emotions can largely impact the week to come and your future path of action. Profits and losses will come with highs and lows, so make sure to look at your results from far back, say once or twice a year to get a better perspective of your profits and losses overall. Better yet, have a separate bank account so you can keep a close eye on everything. 

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