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Self-Service Betting Machines are Efficient Ways To Wager

Automated betting machines are my favorite way to wager while at the track.

They are fast, accurate and the only mistakes come from user error. You can cash a winning ticket very quickly, just insert it into a self-service machine and your winnings will appear on the screen similar to an ATM balance. Although IRS payouts have to the regular betting windows to cash.

Now you can use your balance to place wagers quickly and easily. In fact they are quite similar to an ATM interface.

One of the things i like is that you can instantly see scratches. In fact when i am getting ready to place a multi-race wager such as a double or pick3, I'll key up the next few races to see if there are any late scratches. Please don't rely on fellow track patrons for info like scratches. People are notoriously bad with any info particularly results and scratches. Always rely on your own information.

At other times I use the machines to quickly calculate the price of intricate wagers, such as a part wheel trifecta with an all bet in the middle or other complex bets like superfectas or pick 4's.

Another golden rule when using these machines is to never keep large betting vouchers. Large betting vouchers are much easier to lose than a roll of cash. They also look exactly like a losing ticket. So at say $500 or more i go to a manned window and get some cash and a smaller voucher. This is just smart and safe.

Remember to always get your cash balance from the machine. This is usually achieved by hitting the finished button on the machine. You should get your tickets and then a cash voucher for the balance. Always keep your voucher separate from your tickets, this way you will insure that they don't get mixed up.

If you are a serious horseplayer, then I believe you should become proficient with self-service betting machines. One more word of caution, at times machines can break down. They may freeze up (lock up). At this point you or another patron generally has to call for a tote (repair technician) to fix the darn thing. Never, ever leave the machine unattended if you had cash in it. If you do the machine could start up again and kick out your money.

If you are new to using the machines i recommend you start with small wagers, until you become more comfortable with using them. This way you will insure minimal losses if you do make a mistake.

Once you master the self-service machines you'll find the regular teller windows to be almost antiquated.

By Kerry Zangara
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