HBO horse racing series Luck scores an easy victory

If you love degenerate gamblers, miscreants, sexy female jockeys and horse racing, then you will love the new HBO show Luck as much as I do.

From the seedy Spanish trainer who will do almost anything to win, to the true die hard horse gamblers that love to win, to the young apprentice jockey that will starve himself to win. When all 3 entities combine to race a horse with sore front legs, each race becomes more treacherous than the last.

Luck is all about winning and what it takes to be a winner in the hardnosed sport of horse racing. The story lines are intricate, intense and exciting all at the same time. Making me yearn for each new episode.

Luck has its share of star actors as well with Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte both playing feature roles in the series.

With beautifully filmed racing sequences and super primo track real estate (the racing scenes are filmed at Santa Anita Park) Luck scores an easy win.

So take a chance on Luck, Sunday nights on HBO and even if you hate horse racing, chances are you may just like Luck anyway.

By Kerry Zangara
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