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What's The best Way To Pick a Grand National Winner?

Picking a winner of the Grand National is a tough task. Those at Betway Insider thought there should be a bit of fun involved when taking a punt on the Grand National.


They had their man on the scene Neil "Razor" Ruddock go around town in Liverpool interviewing the locals, to ask what is the best method of selecting a winner. The results were entertaining to say the least.


Most punters prefer to select a winner based on the colours of the racing silks. Some of the more savvy types said to watch out for the trainers and form of the horses.


While one lady relies on a swinging pendulum to point her in the right direction to the Grand National winners circle.


One thing that has not proven a good bet over the years is backing favorites in the Grand National, as only 9 of the betting favorites have won since 1946. Not great odds there.


One thing we can be certain of is it's going to be another great race this year, so whatever your method is, be sure to get a small wager on this great horse race. See some more interesting Grand National stats below, that can help you select a winner.

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