Selecting winners in horse racing isn't rocket science, however it can be quite difficult, baffling and perplexing all at the same time. Picking winners in horse racing is known as handicapping. It is the art of selecting winners, using all the information and statistics available. It is more of an art or skill as opposed to a science.

One thing is for sure, the people that win more often, know what to look for when studying the racing form. This only comes with know-how and experience, of course a little luck is involved. Anyone who tells you that you don't need some luck when betting on horse racing is simply being dishonest.

We offer you a detailed list of factors that in our opinion, will help you select more winners, more often. With our guide, you can
learn what it takes to pick a winner.
When asked about racing from people that are new to the sport, overwhelmingly the first question I am asked is, How do i bet on horse racing? For beginners going to the track can be a bit intimidating, yet it doesn't have to be. Here we will break down all the types of wagers you can place on the horse races.

What is pari-mutuel wagering?

Pari-mutuel wagering (a type of gambling designed for horse races) is the most common form of betting on North American horse racing and throughout the entire world. This means simply that every dollar that is bet is combined and put into a common pool. In other words you are not actually wagering against the track. You are in essence betting against your fellow gamblers at the racetrack.

The money all gets combined and put into a pool. The track simply takes a cut of this money, a percentage if you will, off the top. Then the remaining dollars are calculated into winning payoffs and redistributed at the end of the race to the winning ticket holders.

The amount of the track's cut (it's called take-out to be fancy) varies from track to track and from wager to wager. They actually take out less money on Win, Place and show bets than on more exotic wagers, like the trifecta and superfecta. How to Bet for Beginners tutorial continued
Horse Racing has its own language, as do many other sports. People in the know or those who work the backstretch or gamble on horse races may speak a foreign language to you. Here you can learn many of the terms that make horse racing the "Sport Of Kings". These horse racing terms, often permeate everyday language, especially during election times. Talk of a "dark horse" , "two horse race" and "down to the wire" , are all commonly used and come directly from the sport. Check out our complete horse racing terminology dictionary to learn more.
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